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Elite Diamond Retailer Program

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We are thrilled to introduce our new program, "Elite Diamond Retailer", designed to provide retail jewelers with the resources and tools needed to succeed in selling Certified Natural and Certified Lab Grown diamonds. Our program is aimed at educating retailers on the benefits of lab grown diamonds as well as the benefits of traditional mined diamonds. We are committed to providing retailers with the knowledge and resources necessary to educate their staff and customers and to increase their diamond sales. Click HERE to apply now!

Some of the biggest advantages of becoming an Elite Diamond Retailer are as follows:

Free Tablet

You will receive a free consumer facing tablet, (with your markups) loaded with a real time Certified LG Diamond feed (over 45,000 stones) as well as a Certified Natural Diamond feed. ALL stones will be available in the palm of your hand, where you can view all of the stone attributes, video images and Lab certificate for each stone, making it super easy to work with customer and choose the perfect Diamonds. Orders can be placed directly from Tablet with ease. Certified Diamonds ordered via the tablet ship on a 10 day memo with Free outbound shipping. Orders before 2pm (eastern) typically ship same day.

Reward Program

As an Elite Diamond member, you are automatically enrolled in our Elite reward program which will save you 3% on all Certified Lab Grown diamonds and 5% on all Lab Grown Jewelry. You will earn money that accrues from the purchases.